Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NFC East Losses Vindicate Cowboys

By Scott Crisp

"I really, I've played long enough in this league, I really can't understand or comprehend feeling bad about a win." --Keith Brooking

The Cowboys received a little bit of vindication this week, after spending two of the first five weeks of the year--after the Carolina game and again after the Kansas City game--defending (at times) ugly performances; "winning is the bottom line," they said, seemingly in unison. And why not? Now, it seems all too clear.

Oakland jumped up and bit Philadelphia in an inexplicable game in the Bay Area, while the Redskins, who were by no means world-beaters coming into 2009, were defeated by the pitiful Kansas City Chiefs 14-6 in the 2009 Seriously-Is-Anyone-Watching-This? Bowl.

New York fell to New Orleans as well, but that hardly fits, as the Saints, as far as we can tell, just might be the class of the league.

In any case, the unpredictability of the NFL was brought to the forefront this week, and this is a theme the Cowboys have discussed all season; the only difference now is that they are vindicated in this line of thought. If Dallas playing Kansas City close is unthinkable, what is Philly falling to Oakland?

The answer is simple: It's the NFL, in all its undulating glory.

"Oakland came out of nowhere and won a big game," said Tashard Choice. "[In the] NFL, you take a win and loss how you get them, because everybody has talent. It's crazy because one week everybody can be off key, and the next week the whole team just looks great."

Miles Austin, who seemed less than surprised by the weekend results, added, "It's the NFL man, the other guys get paid, too.

"That just shows you can never look past somebody or think that there's an automatic win on the schedule. Everyone's ready to play and everyone's willing to beat you."