Friday, May 14, 2010

Chat replay: David Moore answers your Cowboys questions


David Moore, Cowboys beat writer for and The Dallas Morning News, answered questions about the team Thursday. Mobile users can enjoy the experience on our Cowboys blog.

11:07 David Moore: Sorry for the delay. Just got out of a meeting to talk about the stories we're going to do leading up to Emmitt Smith's Hall of Fame induction. Let's go.

11:07 [Comment From Manny: ]
Here's my two cents: FS position doesn't impact games unless you have a total stud. Having a mediocre one doesn't hurt you as long as you have 3 good corners, and we do. I think the bigger issue on the Cowboys D, is the lack of defensive line depth if Ratliff, Ware, or Spencer get hurt. 1) do you agree this is a bigger issue 2) are there any FAs we may add for depth (Greg Ellis?)

11:13 David Moore: I see your two cents and raise it two more. The Cowboys were a top defense last season while getting minimal impact from the free safety position. Would they have been a dominant defense if the free safety position had produced some turnovers?
The Cowboys need to receive some benefit from all of the pressure they put on the quarterback beyond sacks. They need to come up with more turnovers to take the next step as a defense. The safety position is the logical place for that to come.
That being said, you're right. The Cowboys are in good shape with their three corners. But I'd argue their depth in the front seven is better than you think.

11:13 [Comment From jason: ]
What is up with T New. Is he in good shape and health?

11:14 David Moore: Saw him on the golf course yesterday. He was hitting the ball good. But that's probably not what you wanted to know.
His health is good. The bigger test will be how he feels toward the end of training camp.

11:14 [Comment From Johnny: ]
Do you think the cowboys will pick up the saftey O.J Atogwe after June 1st?

11:15 David Moore: If Alan Ball and Michael Hamlin don't look good in the OTAs and mini-camp, the Cowboys will likely give Atogwe a more serious look. The Cowboys like him but feel the price to land him right now would be a bit high. But don't rule it out.

11:15 [Comment From kathy cook/upstate ny: ]
how do you feel the cowboys will do this season with there tough schedule do you think they will go to the super bowl in their stadium?

11:17 David Moore: If the Cowboys go to the Super Bowl this season, they will be the first club to play in their own stadium. Since it's never happened before, I'll side with history on this one and say no, the Cowboys won't make it to the Super Bowl.
Still, I believe this team will make the playoffs again, even with their difficult schedule, and go at least as far as they did last season.

11:17 [Comment From Tevin, Pompno Beach, FL: ]
Now since the cowboys have deepened their left tackle position, what about them trading partick crayton for a saftet.?Not that patrick SHOULD go bu its just that their is a limited need at reciver right now since Jerry Jones like Kevin Ogeltree, and drafing Dez Bryant.

11:19 David Moore: That's a thought. But Crayton is viewed as a third receiver around the league. What level of safety would that bring in return?
Still, the Bobby Carpenter for Alex Barron trade made sense for the Cowboys becasue it gave them an security blanket in the offensive line. It's not out of the question the Cowboys could do the same at safety by using Crayton, but you wouldn't be able to acquire a player you could point to and say he will come in and start over Ball.

11:20 [Comment From Eddie: ]
With Roy W.'s comments about not losing his starting role, is Dez Bryant enough to motivate him to retain his position?

11:21 David Moore: I believe Roy Williams was motivated to succeed last season. He just didn't develop a rapport with quarterback Tony Romo that would allow that to happen.
To me, questions revolving around Williams have nothing to do with motivation. They have to do with the ability to connect with Romo.
He will go into this camp as a starter and it's my belief he will start the season. Check back in late October or early November to see if that's still the case.

11:21 [Comment From Jrs Boys: ]
Do you think Patrick Crayton is a liable kick returner and wide receiver?

11:24 David Moore: I think Crayton is a good receiver and a solid kick returner. I think he would be an asset for any team. The question the Cowboys must answer is this: in keeping Crayton, do they take reps and opportunities away from Dez Bryant and Kevin Ogletree to develop. Bryant is more talented than Crayton. If you believe Ogletree is as talented as Crayton at the moment and is ready to contribute, then you would lean toward moving Crayton. If you don't think Ogletree is ready, you keep Crayton to protect yourself in case one of the starters goes down for an extended period.

11:24 [Comment From david lane: ]
hey david got a comment on 3rd. round draft choice jason williams getting the oppertunity to fill carpenters nickel role.he ran a 4.52 40, and was a big time playmaker in college.will he really get a fair chance to win the position or are they just to enamored with jean lee?

11:26 David Moore: He will get a fair chance. The Cowboys are enamored with Lee _ good choice of words, by the way _ but they are also intrigued by Williams. He is the fastest player on the defense outside of the cornerbacks. Wade Phillips spoke yesterday about how good he's looked in the off-season conditioning program.
It wasn't just Lee's arrival that made Carpenter expendable. The competition for that nickel linebacker role will be waged between Williams and Lee.

11:26 [Comment From ralph elkins: ]
i know roy is a texas player and has all the tools,but he better get his stuff together because there is a new sheriff in town dez,and i beleive he has is stuff together ,because if he dont he better get use to watching the game from the sidlines what do you think

11:27 David Moore: I think you just said what the majority of Cowboys fans feel.

11:27 [Comment From Guest: ]
Has this yrs training camp schedule been posted yet?

11:29 David Moore: No. But Phillips did say yesterday that the first day of practice in camp will be July 24. That means the team will report to San Antonio on July 23. The club will move to Oxnard after a pre-season home game against Oakland on August 12 and likely break camp on August 27 a day before their pre-season game in Houston.
That's all unofficial, but it's hard to see it breaking down any other way.

11:29 [Comment From Guest: ]
David - Whats the cahnces of Patrick Crayton being on th eopening day roster - also what do you think we could get for him on the trade market?

11:31 David Moore: If there are no injuries to the receiving corp, I don't believe that Crayton will be on the opening day roster. If he is traded, the Cowboys will likely receive a late round pick in the 2011 draft.

11:31 [Comment From ct: ]
do you really believe roy williams will get any better in 2010? are the cowboys still looking for a FS?

11:32 David Moore: I believe Williams is committed to getting better and the Cowboys are committed to getting him more involved. But if it doesn't click early in the season, it won't happen because there are too many other places for Tony Romo to look.
As for free safety, I would say they are keeping their eyes peeled but are not actively looking.

11:32 [Comment From Guest: ]
Dear David--What is the word around Valley Ranch about Patrick Crayton? I find it disappointing that he seems to be bailing out because of the drafting of Dez Bryant. We'd all be a lot more impressed if he used this as motivation to work more instead of less. Your thoughts?

11:34 David Moore: No one I've talked to appears to be upset by Crayton's stance.
Crayton's agent will tell you he's not bailing because the club drafted Bryant. Fred Lyles said he began receiving calls heading into the draft that the Cowboys were shopping Crayton around. When Lyles asked the club if that was the case, they confirmed it was happening. At that point, Lyles asked if he could help facilitate a deal.

11:35 [Comment From Concrete & Water: ]
Everyone's seems excited about the addition of Dez Bryant. So I want to know, how you would rank the receiving corps against the other teams in the NFC East?

11:36 David Moore: If Dez Bryant is the player many people believe him to be, I'd argue that the trio of Miles Austin, Bryant and Roy Williams is the best in the division.

11:36 [Comment From P1 Steven: ]
Is the Dex drafting motivation for Roy?

11:37 David Moore: Again, I don't think Williams lacks for motivation. But the selection of Bryant certainly sends the signal that if Williams isn't more productive, his days here are numbered.

11:37 [Comment From Guest: ]
Do you think that the cowboys might look at bringing Ken Hamlin in as a backup?

11:38 David Moore: I don't see that happening.

11:38 [Comment From P1 Steven: ]
The Cowboys have two players on their o-line that were highly drafted underperforming lineman before they came to Dallas. (Columbo -due to injuries & Davis -Due to possible work ethic & a crappy team) Any hope for Barron?

11:40 David Moore: Sure. The two players you mentioned, especially Davis, are good examples. Good players on bad teams can often be dragged down by the lack of talent around them. I know a lot of people will focus on the number of penalties Barron accrued in St. Louis and should, but he also has a lot of starts in his NFL career. Don't dismiss that number.

11:41 [Comment From Matt: ]
Who do you think is going to the the biggest training camp surprise this year?

11:42 David Moore: I would lean toward someone from last year's rookie class who didn't get much of a chance to contribute due to injuires or other factors, maybe a Jason Williams or Michael Hamlin.

11:42 [Comment From Sid: ]
Hey David, shouldn't Mark Cuban enlist the Jerry's help in putting the full court press on Lebron? I know the NFL & NBA don't always play nice, but Mark & Jerry seem to get along, and whens the last time Jerry didn't get his man?

11:44 David Moore: Good point. Jerry' Jones has had a lot more success luring high profile free agents to Dallas than Mark Cuban has through the years. I would say Jones could also offer LeBron a tight end spot, but the Cowboys are in pretty good shape at that position.

11:44 [Comment From peyro: ]
Surely the Cowboys can't be comfortable with our current kicking situation. Do you see them bringing someone with experience in during training camp? Who is out there available?

11:44 David Moore: No one will be brought in to start camp. The Cowboys are committed to seeing if David Buehler can get the job done. If camp wears on and it's obvious that won't happen, then I think you'll see them bring someone in. But not before.

11:45 [Comment From Jonathan: ]
How big of a thorn in the Cowboys side will the Saftey Position be for the Boys this coming Season

11:46 David Moore: I don't see it as a thorn in the side. Gerald Sensabaugh is a very good player and should produce more turnovers if he doesn't have to play with a broken hand. But at the moment, I wouldn't call free safety an impact position.

11:46 [Comment From Gary J: ]
Is there a possibility that after next season we lose Miles Austin leaving us with Bryant and Williams as our two starting WR's?

11:47 David Moore: No. The Cowboys aren't going to let Miles Austin get away. Out of that group, Williams is the most likely to go if he doesn't show more production.

11:47 [Comment From Concrete & Water: ]
Any chance that the Cowboys atleast try Orlando Scandrick out at safety? I know he's small but he's a willing tackler and good in coverage. He's better than any of our safeties and don't you think the Cowboys should try and get the best players you have on the field.

11:47 David Moore: That's not in their thinking at this point.

11:48 [Comment From JASON from Wichita, Ks: ]
HI David. Currently scheduleing a family trip to san antonio around the time of cowboys training camp. Would appreciate it if you could tell me what to expect as far as dates, ticket prices? Thanks!

11:49 David Moore: The first day of camp in San Antonio will be Saturday, July 24 and the team will be there until they leave for the Hall of Fame Game on Aug. 7. Tickets and parking don't cost much, but I don't have those numbers off the top of my head.

11:50 [Comment From djt1: ]
I've been beating this drum for month's. I believe you buy low and sell high and never will Austin's stock be higher. He still doesn't have a deal. Do you think Jerry has a surprise trade in store? I know he wants the SB as bad as I do.

11:50 David Moore: Who would you want in return for Austin and does that make the team appreciably better? I don't see it happening.

11:51 [Comment From Guest: ]
Shouldn't we be concerned about the short yardage running game? It was terrible at times last year and Flo was arguably our best run blocker. Free is not know for his power, Gurode wasn't getting leverage, and Garrett's running toss sweeps with Barber to avoid powering up the middle. Not good.

11:51 David Moore: That has been a point of emphasis for the Cowboys in the off-season. They know they must get better in the red zone.

11:51 [Comment From jerry: ]
Our final problem seems to be one of attitude, at least for key playoff games. We have to prepare in a superior way to our competition. In other words, our game prep sucks in crunch time, we are out coached to begin with and out coached at half time... across the board, are we doomed to make the play-offs and not close the deal!

11:54 David Moore: What you describe is not a problem of attitude, it's a coaching problem. I don't share your pessimism about getting out-coached all of the time. Andy Reid and his staff certainly didn't outcoach the Cowboys last season.
Coaching is important, but the key ingredient is talent and performing under pressure. The Cowboys took a step forward in that last season. It's time for them to take another step this season.

11:54 [Comment From Enrique: ]
Who would you say poses a bigger threat this year, Philly , Skins, Giants to dallas' chances of winning the division?

11:55 David Moore: At the moment, I'd list the challengers in this order: Giants, Eagles, Redskins.

11:55 [Comment From Jim: ]
Do any of the UDFAs have a chance to make the team or the practice squad, in your opinion? Thanks.

11:58 David Moore: Sure. The Cowboys have a history of finding a place for undrafted free agent rookies and developing them. It's a little early to jump into this with any authority, but Toledo safety Barry Church, SMU cornerback Bryan McCann, LSU safety Danny McCray, California offensive lineman Mike Tepper and New Hampshire tight end Scott Sicko did some nice things in the rookie camp. I'd be surprised if a player or two from that group didn't make their way onto the 53-man roster or practice squad.

11:59 [Comment From Sid: ]
Is Jerry concerned that Miles will have a sophmore slump to his breakout year or something? Why aren' t they paying him? Seems like he's going to command Fitzgerald type money if he does it again this season.

11:59 David Moore: He's not concerned with a sophomore slump, but if you're paying big money, don't you want more than one year of outstanding production before you commit to a long term deal? That's what makes these negotiations so difficult.

12:00 [Comment From Craig: ]
What do you think Hudson Houck can do with the crop of linemen he has now? Do you think he can turn Barron, Young, etc. into the level of player that he managed to turn Davis into?

12:00 David Moore: Jerry Jones will tell you he can. Jones mentioned again yesterday that he considers Houck one of the best offensive line coaches in the league, and pointed out that he is the highest paid.

12:01 [Comment From Dan: ]
When do you think Corner will start to become a consern. Newman is getting up there. Do we look at this next year or later down the road?

12:02 David Moore: I'd argue corner is always a concern in the NFL. Teams use so many three and four wide receiver sets today, having one corner go down to injury for an extended period can compromise your defense.
The Cowboys have two good, young corners in Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick, so that eases the concern. But you're right. By the end of this season, the need for them to add another quality corner will be heightened given Newman's age.

12:03 [Comment From cee jay: ]
David, what in your opinion do the Boys need to do to create more turnovers on defense? Whoever starts out of Ball or Hamlin, I just don't see neither of them being "ball hawks" at the safety position.

12:05 David Moore: This has been a point of emphasis for the last two seasons and virtually no progress has been made. It's getting to the stage where you have to say this group doesn't have the personnel necessary to create turnovers.
Unless Ball, Hamlin or rookie Akwasi Owusu-Ansah comes through to help, the only way to produce more turnovers would be to change personnel. But ask yourself this: the Cowboys are a very good defense agaisnt the run and the pass. Do they risk upsetting that balance and leaving themselves vulnerable by putting too much of an emphasis on turnvovers.
This may just be their defensive identity.

12:05 [Comment From A ****le: ]
David, Why would Jerry say that he is done making moves for OL? Shouldn't you always be looking to upgrade at every postion on the field? Also how well do you think Holland and Barron will be as backups?

12:06 David Moore: Jones likes the starters and feels they have proven depth. Holland and Barron do have more starts under their belt than many backup offensive linemen in the league, so that does ease some concerns.

12:07 [Comment From footballman1: ]
Even if Felix starts over Barber and Barber goes back to the "closer" role, does Choice get more carries/touches this yr or about the same as last yr?

12:07 David Moore: About the same as last year. I don't see how he can carve out many more in this offense unless someone is hurt.

12:07 [Comment From billy: ]
will ogletree get a fair shake at a role in offense this year? Or is the money tied up on the others going to secure their spots?

12:08 David Moore: Ogletree will get a chance to contribute. Phillips said the other day that the receiver has really come on strong in his off-season work the last week or so.

12:08 [Comment From E BRIEDEN: ]

12:08 David Moore: Can they? Yes.
Will they? I'd still say the odds are against them.

12:09 David Moore: On that cheery note, our chat for today has drawn to a close. I wanted to thank everyone for taking part and we'll do it again soon.