Monday, August 11, 2008

NFL: Projecting the NFC East

August 11th. 2008, 2:05pm

1. Dallas Cowboys - Nothing against Stone Hands Crayton or rookie Felix Jones, but this team would be stronger with greedy Terry Glenn and experienced Julius Jones. That being said, Romo’s got top-tier weapons in Barber, TO and Witten, so the offense will be fine. Might have the best corps of LBs in the NFC. Guessing 12-4, but wouldn’t rule out 13-3. Should be the top seed in the NFC and yup, they’re our Super Bowl pick.

2. Philadelphia Eagles - This is unexplainable. It’s not because of supposed game-changing rookie DeSean Jackson. It’s not just because of Asante Samuel, either. The biggest reason could be because the Giants can’t possibly duplicate last season’s success due to defensive changes, and the Redskins have a new coach. We’re guessing a 10-6 mark for the Eagles, but we don’t feel all that confident about it.

3. New York Giants - A dip is inevitable. Before an absolute tear in the postseason, this was just an underwhelming team riddled with potential. However, what may save them from not reaching the playoffs is a pretty tame schedule for a Super Bowl winner. Only difficult AFC game? At Pittsburgh. The end of the season, however, is difficult: at Washington, vs. Philly, at Dallas, vs. Carolina, at Minnesota. Not completely sold on a defense that lost five starters; also not solid on new TE Kevin Boss after just half a season. Do love Brandon Jacobs, though. Going 9-7 here.

4. Washington Redskins - The only non-league road game that is difficult is Seattle; the rest are winnable - Detroit, Baltimore, Cincinnati, San Francisco. And if there’s a slow start, it is because the Skins travel to the Giants, Eagles and Cowboys before the middle of October. Our fears - new coach, the offense will need the new WRs to contribute, and of course, the injury-depleted d-line. Projecting 8-8.