Friday, September 04, 2009

Cowboys: Jenkins, Scandrick To Split Right Corner


CBS 11 Sports has learned that Cowboys coaches have sat down with cornerbacks Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick Thursday, telling the two players what the plan will be at right corner to start this season.

Jenkins and Scandrick have been battling since May for the starting position.

The plan, as the coaches told the men, is that they will alternate the two each week as the starter. The players will be platooned through the season.

During the 16-game season Jenkins will start for the team in week 1 at Tampa Bay. Scandrick will start against the Giants in the Cowboys home opener week 2.

CBS 11 Sports talked to both after the coaches decision Thursday. Scandrick called it a good solution, Jenkins said "they want to keep the battle going apparently."

Both were told that if one of them gets hot and does particularly well the team will use that player more.

Assistant Secondary coach Brett Maxis says they didn't feel it was fair to name a clear-cut starter.

The Cowboys are in Minneapolis for their final pre-season game, against Brett Farve and the Minnesota Vikings. CBS 11 will carry the game live Friday night at 7 pm.