Thursday, October 08, 2009

DMN Blog: Getting ready for Arrowhead

Todd Archer/Reporter

Historically Arrowhead Stadium, where the Cowboys play Sunday, is among the loudest in the NFL.

It's always sold out. The fans are all in red. It's just L-O-U-D. For the last two weeks the Cowboys have piped in crowd noise during practice to simulate the stadium feel. Last week's stop, Invesco Field at Mile High, was loud too. And the fans in the upper deck stomp their feet, which rattles the press box below. That was interesting.

Anyway, does piping in crowd noise work?

"It makes you concentrate just that much more," right guard Leonard Davis said. "When you don't have it, you're in the huddle just listening to the play. When you've got noise you've got to pay attention because it's almost like having a conversation over your shoulder and trying to listen to a playcall."

It had to work last week. The Cowboys did not have a false start penalty.