Friday, October 09, 2009

ESPN Jerry Jones wants to see some Romo of old

By: Tim MacMahon

Head coach Wade Phillips said this week that he doesn't believe that quarterback Tony Romo is being too cautious. But their boss would like to see a little bit more of Romo's freelancing skills.
Owner/GM Jerry Jones got a glimpse of classic Romo on the Cowboys' final drive in Denver, when Romo scrambled on fourth-and-3 to buy time to loft a throw to Sam Hurd that resulted in a 53-yard gain.
"I think, as much as anything, we all would like to see him maybe him when it's not a desperation juncture in the game maybe improvise more than we have," Jones said on his weekly radio show. "I think that's probably what, if you look at his skills and what he can do really well, possibly a little more of that would be good.
"It's going to be a fine line between protecting the ball and having some of that [improvisation] that Romo can bring. He's still got all that you want." Romo is trying to find the fine line between making plays and placing an emphasis on protecting the ball.
"You're always going to want to utilize everything that you're capable of doing," Romo said yesterday. "You'd be selling yourself short if you didn't utilize all the tools at your disposal that you may have as an individual or a unit.
"For me, individually, it's about stay the course. Continue to get better. Don't waver off this path and jump the gun because of one game."
Jones definitely isn't jumping the gun on Romo. Jones emphasized that Romo, who he called the future of the franchise, is a quarterback capable of leading the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. A little more creativity on the field would help.