Monday, October 05, 2009

RECAP: Crayton calling out Garrett?

Originally Posted by Joe Rod from a sports forum:

He was questioning why we went away from the run in the second half during an interview today. Listening on GAC.

Brian Broaddus is agreeing with Crayton. Crayton was saying that they have five "Freaks of Nature" up front that want to run the ball and two backs that can run it between the tackles. They were trying to grind out a win on the road, so why go away from running it?

He also said that the offense can't hang the defense out to dry like they did. Didn't point any fingers at any players that I heard.

Just caught another piece: Paraphrasing here, but Crayton said that the game was not Romo's fault and that he was tired of the game always being placed on Romo's shoulders to be the savior or the goat. He said the line was handling the defense in the run game and they should have leaned on them more in the second half.