Sunday, October 04, 2009

DenverPost: Analysis: Aikman says Romo "special

By Jeff Legwold
The Denver Post

Posted: 10/03/2009 01:00:00 AM MDT

Hall of Fame quarterback and current Fox analyst Troy Aikman had some intriguing thoughts on Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo this week. And if he's right, the Broncos have a difficult task Sunday.

Romo, like Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton, has taken his fair share of heat from the public. Romo is one of the topics people ask Aikman about the most these days.

"Absolutely, I get asked about him a lot," Aikman said. "I'm honest in my opinions, I think the guy has a special talent. I think he's a special player.

"People nationally, they see him at certain times and there's no question that this team over the last two years hasn't achieved all of the things that they would hope to. But I kind of go back to this point: Tony's a victim of his own play. Prior to Tony becoming the starting quarterback in Dallas, expectations weren't very high and because they have Tony and because he has brought some excitement and stability to that position, now there's high expectations for the entire team. He's the one that brought those and people act as if he's the one keeping them from achieving expectations.

"Without him they would be back to winning five games a year like they were prior to him becoming a starter.

"I'm not a Tony apologist either. He understands he can't have the turnovers he had against the Giants (three interceptions two weeks ago) and expect to win."

That's strong stuff and certainly not a viewpoint some other ex-Cowboys like Tony Dorsett and Emmitt Smith have shared in recent weeks. Both of them have questioned Romo's leadership abilities.

How the Broncos fare Sunday will largely depend on which side of Romo they see. If the Broncos see the risk-taking, throw-into-coverage Romo, they'll force some turnovers and be in position to win.

If the Broncos get the controlled Romo, a player "who isn't afraid of the moment," Aikman said, like Romo played this past Monday night against Carolina, and the Cowboys then get the run game going, it's a far taller order for the Broncos.